How Your Help Can Support the Jaffray Care Family

As with all charities, Jaffray Care is always grateful for support, to help us to continue improving the service that we provide and meet our aim of empowering our service users to make more informed decisions and participate as fully as possible in the everyday life of the community.

See below some stories from the Jaffray Care Family, and how you can donate to support us.

Jaffray Care

The objectives of Jaffray Care are to care for service users today in order to enable them to progress in the future. Therefore, everything we do is geared to thinking ahead and employing ideas and techniques that are not short term but very much geared to creating better opportunities for tomorrow. By involving service users, representatives, relatives and carers, we can determine a personal care programme to meet needs of each individual.

Our aim is that each service user is empowered to make more informed decisions and participate as fully as possible in the everyday life of the community. From the facilities available to the standard of care provided, quality in every respect is a fundamental aspect of the Jaffray Care philosophy.


“Adrian used to display severe behavioural problems when he was younger, but this changed when Jaffray Care came in to provide a lifeline for him, and us as a family.

He receives excellent support and care from the professional and caring staff, even though at times he is very demanding. He now enjoys an excellent quality of life and is able to enjoy community activities which were nigh on impossible years ago.

Family and friends often comment on Adrian’s improvement and we thank Jaffray Care for its continued care and support they give to Adrian and our family. To us it’s as good as winning the lottery.”

From Bob Martin, the father of Adrian


“Narinder has been attending Jaffray Daycare since 2000 and she has formed close bonds with staff members, who have got to know her well and have a great awareness of her needs.

She is involved in activities that she enjoys and are beneficial to her, such as massages, aromatherapy, and use of the multi-sensory room. When my sister gets distressed or agitated, these types of activities are perfect to help her relax, to feel safe and be happy.

The service and support provided by Jaffray is professional and personal.
The family and my sister would be lost without it.”

From Naima Kaur, the sister of Narinder


“After what seemed like a lifetime without sleep, we very reluctantly agreed to search for a suitable residential home for our beautiful son Andrew, who has various learning difficulties.

 Jaffray Care not only fitted the bill, but was exactly what he, and we needed to care for him.

The staff’s caring nature, the surroundings, the garden, the home and his room have all combined to relax Andrew with his friends in a demi-paradise; we’d love to move in ourselves!”

From April & Lawrence Gordon, the parents of Andrew

A Word from our Chief Executive

Jaffray Care aims to create a better future for people of all ages with learning disabilities, who face fundamental challenges each and every day, including isolation and loneliness, hate crime and poor healthcare.  At Jaffray Care we strive to help people with learning disabilities live with independence, freedom and dignity and ultimately bring happiness to their lives.

Without donations, we simply couldn’t offer as many people this vital support.  Every penny raised helps us to meet the varied complex needs of each person, enabling them to receive a personalised, needs led, support service in the heart of their community. Your support will help people with learning disabilities develop skills and gain confidence to live a fulfilling and active life.

Lee Hendon

CEO Jaffray Care