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The Mission Statement of Jaffray Care

Jaffray Care Group works in partnership with people with developmental disabilities to ensure they receive a personalised, needs led, support service which is evidence based, outcome driven and promotes rights, independence, choice and inclusion.


The objectives of Jaffray Care are to care for clients today in order to enable them to progress in the future.
Therefore, everything we do is geared to thinking ahead and employing ideas and techniques that are not short term but very much geared to creating better opportunities for tomorrow.  By involving clients, representatives, relatives and carers, we can determine a personal care programme to meet needs of each individual.
Jaffray Care believe that people with developmental disabilities have a right to live in ordinary homes in the community: independently, in their family home, in sheltered accommodation or in a staffed residential facility sharing the rights, facilities and privileges of society.


We aim to:
  • maintain the privacy, dignity and individuality of each resident
  • respect the residents wishes and their right to personal choice with regard to their daily care and management
  • provide suitable recreation for each resident, welcoming and encouraging family and friends to participate in the homes activities
  • create a caring and homely atmosphere where the resident feels needed and is able to give a meaningful contribution to their extended family
  • encourage personal growth, skills development, work related training and leisure interests via our integrated residential and day care package
Our aim is that each client is empowered to make more informed decisions and participate as fully as possible in the everyday life of the community.  From the facilities available to the standard of care provided, quality in every respect is a fundamental aspect of the Jaffray Care philosophy.


To make a referral
or find out about the availability of our accommodation and services,
please contact us on  0121 377 2420  or  info@jaffraycare.com

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Head Office

Jaffray Care Group
The White House
39 Jaffray Crescent
Birmingham. B24 8BE
Email: info@jaffraycare.com
Website: www.jaffraycare.com
Phone: 0121 377 2420
Fax: 0121 377 2438


...I have seen that Jaffray is a remarkable organisation, taking care of vulnerable adults. ...the phrase "you raise me up" comes to mind when I think of Jaffray...

Jack Dromey
MP for Birmingham Erdington

...they are the most loveliest people I have ever met and their approach to the clients is commendable. They are a credit to the Jaffray name.

About Jaffray Care staff
A relative of one of our clients